Volvik Matte – Multi-Color Mix Golf Ball

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Matte  color finish makes for easy locating in the rough, air, or turf to quicken the pace of play
– Soft cover contains a putting line for better alignment
– 350-octahedron dimple pattern for a straighter, more stable ball flight
– Better control around the green with excellent distance off the tee
– Best for players with swings between 60-95 mph



Ball Description

The Volvik Vivid Matte Multi-Color Mix  offers a vibrant color without all the glare . The first of their kind, these matte balls truly stand out both in the air and on the turf, and perform with the same level of quality as the standard models. A great option if you have a slow to medium swing speed (between 60-95 mph), they also have an 80 compression with a 64 cover hardness rating.

Matte – Multi-Color Mix Review

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